i will loose my text contacts or any data in my iphone while fixing it?

No nothing will be erased in your iphone all the data will be remain it was before.

I want to change the color of my phone, can you help?

Yes, we offer a conversion service which will convert your Phone from one color to another. However this would void any factory warranty.

I bought some parts online, can you install them for me?

Yes, with some conditions. If you supply the required replacement screen yourself, we can install it for a fee starting from $40, however we can’t provide any warranty on this because we can’t guarantee the quality or history of customer supplied parts.

My iPhone is 2 years old, is it worth fixing the broken screen?

Your iPhone is valuable, you may be surprised to hear that there is a lot of demand for second hand iPhones. Even a well used 3 year old iPhone 3G is worth $125to $150 and an iPhone 3GS sells for $175 to $200. iPhone’s are definitely worth the repair investment.

My iPhone is locked to a phone network, can you unlock it?

Yes we can factory unlock your apple iphone any model or any gsm phone manufactured before 2013.

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